Make Yourself Uncomfortable…

Our next production is by Yussef El Guindi an Egyptian-American playwright based in Seattle, U.S. He is the recipient of the 2010 Middle East America Distinguished Playwright Award, and Seattle’s 2015 Stranger’s Genius Award. Recently, his play Threesome was produced by Portland Center Stage, ACT in Seattle, and at 59E59 in New York. From his collection we have chosen to stage ‘Collaborator’, mainly because it’s a story about sexual assault. “That sounds a bit heavy…”…

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“Every time I am proud of what I write I get a new tattoo….”

Welcome Crumbers!! Freezing our socks off here in lovely Melbourne but lucky enough to be sipping on a hot cup of tea whilst munching a digestive biscuit (how very British of me!) Today’s edition of Creative Crumbs is dedicated to writer, novelist and playwright Clare Mendes. Previously a scriptwriter for TV soap opera Neighbours, she currently dedicates her time to Melbourne Writers’ Theatre as the Company Manager. She has written four novels, Drift Street, A Race Across Burning Soil, The Curtain…

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Do We Censor Creativity?

Happy Easter fellow Crumbers, It has been lovely having a few days off from the grind, and more time to drink a little wine and nibble on Easter cake treats, we didn’t eat all of the above but boy did we want to! Last week we hung out with Melbourne Writers’ Theatre and listened to some new pieces of work. What a great bunch! If you have a chance check out their website www.melbournewriterstheatre.org.au to…

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Welcome to Creative Crumbs!

Welcome to our first post on the brand new sparkly website. Blood, sweat, tears and lots of Shiraz went into it’s creation and we are super chuffed it’s finally up. Thanks to James from Refreshtheweb.com for his patience and skills! Good on ya 🙂 So what’s in store for Left Bauer Productions you may be asking? Well we have been thinking about our mission and direction a lot lately. We love theatre as well as…

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