Happy Easter fellow Crumbers,

It has been lovely having a few days off from the grind, and more time to drink a little wine and nibble on Easter cake treats, we didn’t eat all of the above but boy did we want to!

Last week we hung out with Melbourne Writers’ Theatre and listened to some new pieces of work. What a great bunch! If you have a chance check out their website www.melbournewriterstheatre.org.au to see what they are up to.

Now onto some heavier crumbs….
Do you agree that theatre should be censored based upon content??
We read an article about Homegrown, a UK play written by Omar El-Khairy and Nadia Latif about the radicalisation of young Muslims. This piece drew our attention not only because of its sensitive content but also because we felt this was the kind of story that needed to be told. We were disappointed by the fact that even though the piece was commissioned by The National Youth Theatre the production was abruptly cancelled due to what has been cited as a lack of quality. We feel there is more to the story. This piece was written by young Muslims in their voices, it is a story of our time, a story that should not be censored but sensitively managed.

Our questions to you are….
Do you believe in censorship of the arts? When do we censor, do we at all? Who gets to choose what is censored and what isn’t? If you were in the shoes of the theatre company would you have done the same?
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Michele and Claudia xx