Our next production is by Yussef El Guindi an Egyptian-American playwright based in Seattle, U.S. He is the recipient of the 2010 Middle East America Distinguished Playwright Award, and Seattle’s 2015 Stranger’s Genius Award. Recently, his play Threesome was produced by Portland Center Stage, ACT in Seattle, and at 59E59 in New York.

From his collection we have chosen to stage ‘Collaborator’, mainly because it’s a story about sexual assault. “That sounds a bit heavy…” I hear you say? Well buckle up partner, it is! ‘Collaborator’ is told with sensitivity and it’s told from the perspective of both the man and the woman. There is comedy, sarcasm, wit and some damn right uncomfortable moments that will grab, slap and make you twist in your chair.

This play is about consent and intimacy; It’s about two people who have failed to communicate their desires leading to catastrophic events; It’s about sexual confidence; and for those who come to see it – there is a twist. This isn’t feel good theatre to make your troubles seem like a million miles away, so perhaps don’t whip out the plastic just yet. However if you want to be provoked, if you want to explore the depths of your grey areas, then perhaps this is the show for you. Left Bauer Productions likes to bring you stories that offer another perspective. We like to talk about that big white elephant in your room, the stuff that sits on everyone’s front doorstep. At times, we also love theatre that doesn’t smell of roses!

Playing the role of Cass is Kelley Young, an actor and singer originally from New Zealand who has been involved with projects such as: Guardian Angel, Pandora’s Requiem – ‘Songs of Jim Steinman’, The Association (Girls Act Good) and First Wives Pub. She had also spent some time on various short film projects in Vancouver, Canada. If the audition is anything to go by, we have no doubt she will bring this great script to life.

So there it is, ‘Collaborator’, showing 22nd -26th of November at The Butterfly Club. Hope to see you there crumbers!

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