Playing Rock Hudson – February 2015

Writer / Co- Director: Cameron Lukey
Co – Director: Jason Langley
Lighting Design: Michele Bauer
Costume Design: Georgia Hopkins
Sound Design: Tim Hope
Stage Manager: Vanessa White

Rock Hudson: Paul Dowson
Marc Christian: Mark Taylor
Mark Miller: Peter Talmacs
Harold Rhoden: Kim Knuckey
Robert Mills: Tyran Parke
Wayne Bernhard / Tony Rocco: Benjamin Winckle
Elizabeth Taylor: Grace Victoria


“Cameron Lukey’s script serves both groups well: what is a poignant trip down sad memory lane for some may be an eye-opener for others… This show deserves and rewards your support” DJ Pearce, Theatre People

“The performances are strong across the board… Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a good courtroom drama, or a story that’s not afraid to rip away the Hollywood curtain.” Christian Baines, Same Same

“A powerful addition to the cannon of good Australian works” Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide

“Paul Dawson and Mark Taylor are well cast as Hudson and Christian with strong supporting players giving solid performances. I was left a little sad but definitely impressed.” Veronica Hannon, Gay News Network


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