Playing Rock Hudson – November/December 2013

  • Director, Writer & Producer: Cameron Lukey
  • Producer: Michele Bauer
  • Set Design: Ryan Foote
  • Costume Design: Esther Marie Hayes
  • Lighting Design: Clare Springett
  • Sound Design: Russell Goldsmith
  • Rock Hudson / Ron Channell: Bartholomew Walsh
  • Jack Navaar / Marc Christian: Shane Savage
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Odette Galbally
  • Mark Miller: Richard Aspel
  • Robert Mills / Michael Willis: Andrew Carolane
  • Harold Rhoden / Henry Willson: Nick Backstrom
  • George Nader / James Wright / Dr Laurence: Sam Lavery

Following it’s premiere season, a staged reading of Playing Rock Hudson was performed at the Seymour Centre in Sydney as part of the Mardi Gras Festival’s Queer Thinking 2014.


“The writing in the show is excellent. The research completed to write the play is clearly evident, each of the characters believable, none of them relegated to simple villain or pure heroism. Similarly, there is a subtle dramatic arc to the whole work that clearly reflects the life being represented, a happiness and simplicity that is slowly eroded by close scrutiny, a healthy, vital man eroded by sickness.” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

“Playing Rock Hudson is a poignant love story of life and death and with the rate of HIV diagnosis’ gradually increasing, it is very much a story that still needs to be told.” Myron My, Theatre Press

“The acting is first rate, as is the way that we, the audience, are thrust into judge’s seat. Nearly thirty years on we are fortunate to be privy to this perfectly executed, compelling story…” Melanie Dimmitt, Milk Bar


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